Tony Brong

Coaching, like teaching, is an art. I know some High Masters who cannot coach.
Gud Reitin

July 30, 2013
Have a passion for the topic; Express that passion; and Keep the reader focused.
Canton vs Perry

July 22, 2013
Canton and Perry are about as different as they can be.
Old School

November 11, 2012
So Tony Brong, seen here calling the line, said we would continue “old school” - he would call the “Fire!

November 2, 2012
My work schedule has me in Detroit next week (when election results come out).
This is the fourth of a five part series on tolerances in ammunition reloading.
Tolerance in Reloading (Introduction), Tolerance in Powder Throw, Tolerance in COL and Crimp, Tolerance in Bullet Weight, and Tolerance in Brass.
Shooting Blogs I Like

September 10, 2011
Here are some gun-blog links of fairly long standing. Some are updated daily, some weekly, but all are worth regular visits.

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