Blinking HDMI
January 14, 2016
If so, you may have what I’m calling HDMI Blink.
Cock It Up
March 3, 2014
Can’t remember how to re-assemble your Ruger 22 target pistol?
Guard Duty
March 5, 2013
I’m guarding the clean but wet brass from bombers as it bakes dry in the afternoon Arizona sun.
Bulge Be Gone
February 10, 2013
For some time (as in years) I’ve been having a rare but persistent problem when reloading.
LaserLyte and The Jerk
February 6, 2013
Additional Comments The Laser Target works best in a dimly-lit area.
Rainy Day in Phoenix
January 25, 2013
Peaceful rainy day.
Gun Show Report
January 19, 2013
Gun Show report.
Here are three (3) Youtube videos on small arms from the US Army.

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